Installing New Wiring in Your Home

Installing New Wiring in Your Home

Practical Guidelines for Minimising Electrical Hazards in Mining Operations

by June Alvarez

There are numerous problems which can arise due to the electrical hazards associated with the machines used in mining operations. However, the most common risks for workers are electrical shock and fires. Typically, electrical shock occurs when an individual comes in contact with high-voltage equipment such as electrical mining equipment. Electrical fires can arise due to overheated machines, causing widespread harm. You should also remember that if workers are injured, the mining work will be delayed, and the downtime can be expensive. Moreover, unsafe conditions can cause the reduction of employee productivity. Here are some simple tips to help you minimise the electrical hazards and promote safety in your mining site.

Install Equipment Correctly

You should ensure that your mining equipment and devices are installed correctly before the commencement of the operations. In general, if the pieces of equipment are not set up properly during the initial process, malfunctions are bound to occur down the line. It is important to hire an expert electrician with experience in the sector to handle the installation. This practice will help you ensure that your electrical setup meets the necessary standards for worksite safety. Remember, using an amateur contractor can save you some money; however, the consequences of electrical fires and electrical shock injuries will be more expensive.

Train Your Employees

Workers can sustain injuries due to their ignorance on the nature of certain pieces of electrical equipment. In simple terms, not all workers will be familiar with the specific dangers of switchgear, switch rooms and mining substations. If one of these individuals comes into contact with a potential hazard, they will not avoid it due to the lack of awareness. Therefore, you should establish a training program for your workers. The course should help them understand the common dangers of the onsite equipment and how to respond to malfunctions and danger. Where possible, you should also establish worksite policies which limit workers to the equipment they are trained to operate.

Provide Protective Gear

Finally, you should provide the correct protective equipment to protect your workers from the dangers of electrical shock and other mining hazards. The correct gear will depend on the specific tasks to be handled. The protective gear should include insulated gloves, full-length clothes, rugged footwear and face shields or eye protection. You should also make sure that the electrical equipment on your site is fitted with appropriate safety devices. The electrical safety units will shut off the electrical current if an anomaly is detected, minimising the risk of fire and shock.


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Installing New Wiring in Your Home

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