Installing New Wiring in Your Home

Installing New Wiring in Your Home

Call a Technician to Fix These 5 Washing Machine Defects

by June Alvarez

A washing machine is one of those appliances which can be dangerous because water and electricity are used in the same device. Every defect should therefore be given the prompt attention which it deserves before worse problems result. This article discusses some of the situations when you should call an expert to repair your washing machine.

Excessive Vibration

Pay attention if you see the washing machine rocking or vibrating a lot. Turn it off and try to alter the distribution of the clothes inside. Check the floor and confirm that the machine is on a level surface. Restart it and see what happens. Call an appliance repair technician for help if the rocking or vibration continues.

Unusual Noises

Watch out when you hear abnormal noises, such as squealing, grinding or rattling sounds, coming from your washing machine. Such sounds may indicate that one of several problems, such as damaged pump motors or worn belts, may have developed. Get a technician to inspect and identify the exact cause of the problem so that an appropriate remedy can be implemented.

Filling and Draining Continuously 

It is abnormal for a washing machine to drain while water is still getting into it through the inlet hose. This problem may be due to an inlet valve which is defective. The water level switch may have failed and caused that nonstop draining and filling. Alternatively, the electrical system of the washing machine could have developed a problem, and that system can no longer work well. A technician can help you to stop guessing as to what could be causing the symptoms you see.

Lack of Agitation

Several problems can prevent your washing machine from agitating or spinning once a load of clothes has been placed inside the machine. The clutch assembly, the belts or the motor coupling may be malfunctioning. Even something as simple as not closing the appliance door properly can prevent the machine from spinning. Check the door before you call a technician for assistance.

Flooded Drum

The drum is usually emptied of all water before the washing machine starts spinning. It is therefore abnormal for you to find your clothes in water when you open the washer to retrieve those garments. The drain hose could have been blocked by an accumulation of debris. A malfunction in the drive belt or water pump could have also caused that problem.

Always have the contact information of an electrical appliance repair technician so that you can get help quickly when the need arises. Avoid DIY electrical appliance repairs because you may cause serious damage to the appliance in addition to exposing yourself to electrical hazards.


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Installing New Wiring in Your Home

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