Installing New Wiring in Your Home

Installing New Wiring in Your Home

Why You Need to Retrofit Your Business Lighting to Reveal Bigger Savings

by June Alvarez

If you run a large commercial operation, you may feel that your competitors are constantly turning the screw, and this makes it very difficult for you to make a profit. You may be looking for ways to boost your sales and marketing effort and feel that you cannot reduce running costs, as you have already squeezed these as much as possible. However, perhaps you should look at your line items again to see if you can make a difference, especially when it comes to energy. As this is one of the most significant costs in any business, where should you apply your focus?

Lighting Issues

As you may know, the cost of electricity is a big part of your monthly spend, especially when it comes to lighting. In fact, lighting costs may be more than half of your utility invoice, and you may be in constant communication with employees to get them to conserve as much as possible. However, conservation can only go so far, and you may need to consider a full retrofit instead.

Drafting a Plan

This is not a decision to be taken without due consideration. You will need to bring in an analyst first to come up with a plan, and this lighting designer should work alongside your contract electrician. When your plan is finalised, you will be able to identify saving opportunities as you pursue maximum efficiency.

Hidden Benefits

Utility providers are always looking for efficiencies at their end, and they will probably offer you discount tariffs if you take advantage of the latest technology. However, the systems in your facility may not be able to interact with the utility company effectively, making you ineligible for those savings, so this is another reason for you to pay attention here.

What You're Looking for

Each space within your facility will be tested for luminosity, which is another way of telling you if you have too many lighting strips or units for the actual space involved. You may be able to remove several overhead strips and replace the bulbs with more efficient options. Furthermore, you will need to add state-of-the-art control units that can dynamically manage each lighting unit according to the number of people in the vicinity or the time of day.

Don't forget to look outside your building as well, especially at your exterior signage. These items can be an energy hog in their own right, so you should never overlook them.

The Big Reveal

Begin by talking with electrical contractors and a lighting designer so that you can get the ball rolling. You may be surprised at the scale of inefficiency in your business.


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Installing New Wiring in Your Home

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