Installing New Wiring in Your Home

Installing New Wiring in Your Home

Should You Repair a Portable Heater or Buy a New One?

by June Alvarez

If your portable heater is working erratically or has stopped working completely, then you may be unsure whether to have it fixed or not. While appliance repairs sometimes make sense, it's sometimes easier just to buy a replacement and bin your old model.

How can you decide whether it's worth repairing your heater or not?

Does the Heater Have a Warranty?

If your heater came with a warranty guarantee and this is still valid, then you should contact the manufacturer. They will tell you what your options are.

For example, they may arrange a repair or even simply replace the heater for you with a new one. If your heater is outside its warranty, this isn't an option.

What's the Heater Worth?

If your heater is a basic model that didn't cost that much in the first place, then it may be more cost-effective to simply replace it with a new one. If buying a replacement model would only cost you a few tens of dollars, then this is likely to be cheaper than a repair.

However, if you splashed out on a state-of-the-art model that cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars, then trying a repair first makes more sense. There's no point shelling out more cash than you need to on an expensive replacement.

How Much Would the Repair Cost?

If the price of the heater makes you think that a repair might be more cost-effective than buying a new appliance, then you need to compare repair to replacement costs.

For example, if it would cost you $100 for a repair but only $50 to buy a new heater, then it doesn't make financial sense to have the repair. It's more cost-effective to buy a new heater. However, a $100 repair bill looks a better bet if it would cost you $400 to buy the same model of heater as a replacement.

If you aren't sure whether to have a go repairing the heater or to replace it, then call some local electricians that have appliance repair services. Tell them which model of heater you have, and describe the problems you're having with it.

Experienced electricians will be able to give you an idea whether the heater is worth repairing or not in the first place. If a repair is viable, they can give you a cost estimate for the job. This will help you decide what to do next.


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Installing New Wiring in Your Home

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