Installing New Wiring in Your Home

Installing New Wiring in Your Home

  • 3 Good Reasons to Hire a Professional Electrician Instead of Doing Electrical Work Yourself

    As a frugal homeowner, you may be tempted into doing your own electrical jobs or asking a local handyman to come to your abode to provide a helping hand. While some electrical jobs are DIY-friendly, it is always best to hire a qualified electrician whenever you need to have any electrical work performed. Qualified electricians have the education and training required to install, maintain and repair electrical systems and related equipment on both residential and commercial properties.

  • 3 Electrical Dangers That Could Cause a Fire in Your Home

    An electrical fire is one of those tragedies that no one expects in their home. However, reality dictates otherwise; in 2015, 4070 house fires occurred in NSW, and they resulted in around 17 deaths. Several factors are to blame for home fires, but electrical faults are among the leading causes. Taking preventative maintenance measures in your home can protect your home from adding up to the statistics of domestic fires in Australia.

  • Beware of These Red Flags Indicative of Faulty Wiring

    Indisputably, electricity is an essential part of any household. But despite the fact that homeowners are heavily reliant on electrical energy to keep their residence running, this energy source is typically taken for granted. People rarely perform maintenance inspections to make sure that their electrical system is in an optimum state, and this leaves room for a myriad of problems to crop up. What you should realise is that electrical issues rarely occur spontaneously.

  • Three Essential Tips for Protecting Your Car Battery

    Auto batteries have a relatively long lifespan, but these power units often fail prematurely. This accelerated degradation can be attributed to the lack of maintenance. In most cases, vehicle owners do not check the condition of their batteries until a malfunction occurs. Also, the poor driving practices upheld by most people contribute to the deterioration of the critical unit. If you have noticed the declining performance of your battery or have purchased a new product, you should consider using these simple tips to protect the unit and prolong its lifespan.

  • Answering Everyday Questions About Residential Hot Water Heaters

    If you're like many homeowners, you probably don't think about the hot water heater in your home until it breaks down and needs repairs, or unless you keep running out of hot water before you're done with your daily shower. Whatever your reasons for needing a new hot water heater, or needing to call a contractor to reassess the one currently in your home, note a few everyday questions you might have about this equipment, and how to choose the right one for your needs.

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    Installing New Wiring in Your Home

    Hello! My name is Joanna and this is my electrical DIY and repair blog. I decided to start this new blog so I could help others to learn about easy DIY jobs they can complete around their homes. It is also important to understand when it is time to call in a professional electrical contractor. When I moved into an old property, I didn't have a clue about the electrical side of things. I was really worried because the lights would flicker and sometimes the sockets would feel warm. I called in an electrical contractor and he helped me to get the place repaired and gave me some fantastic advice.